Die Sprachreise aus Sicht der Schüler

von Torsten Schlegel

Schülertexte der Achtklässler zur Reise nach England

Im Rahmen des Englischunterrichts der Klassen 8a und 8b schrieben die Teilnehmer der Reise Berichte über jeweils einen der Reisetage.

Hier findet ihr die besten Beiträge.

Die Texte sind ungekürzt und auch nicht korrigiert, sondern so, wie sie von den Schülern erstellt wurden.


Dear students, thanks for your work. It was a pleasure reading your texts (or at least most of them ...).


The Trip To England

Friday & Saturday

Friday – the day on which we started the journey to England at 1.30 pm, we did not have to go to school anymore.

When we all met at 1.15 pm at the Mariba parking lot, it was raining heavily. We said good-bye and then we left. We took a break every two hours. At 3 o’clock am we should actually get the ferry but we missed it. On Saturday morning at half past seven am we came to the border control. At half past eight we were finally on the ferry. The ride, which ran quite quietly, lasted two hours. Then we drove for about four hours to our destination. We arrived at around 4 o’clock pm and were picked up by our host parents after a group photo. We had free time until 9 o’clockwhich we spent on the beach. A nice day came to the end after a fine dinner.




My Trip to London



today I`d like to tell you about my trip to London.

We went to London on Sunday the 3rd September in 2017.

In the morning we got up at 6 o´clock in the morning.

At 7:30 the bus collected us near our host family house in Bournemouth.

Then we went by bus about 4 hours to London.

In London we saw the Big Ben, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, the Buckingham Palace and lots more.

After that we left the bus and went for a walk into the big city.

We had a guide too his name was Richard.

Richard was a really nice guide.

He told us about the sights and was a little bit funny too.

We saw the Piccadilly Circus, the Trafalgar Square and lots more interesting places and sights.

The sightseeing tour was really interesting.

After the sightseeing we got free time for 3 hours.

In This 3 hours we went shopping in London.

After This 3 hours we met at Trafalgar Square.

All students bought something.

After the meeting we went back to our bus and drove back 4 hours.

Then we left the bus at our bus stop in Bournemouth and went to our host family.


I think this day was the best of all days, because London was really interesting and nice.





Our trip to London


now I will tell you about our full day trip to London at Sunday the 3rd of September, 2017.


Our bus picked us up from the host family at 7:30 am an we collected the other children.

At the school we met our travel guide. His name was Richard and he was very funny.

Then the trip starts.

It took us about one and a half hours to London. There arrived, we started a tour in the bus through London and Richard told us many facts about famous streets and sights.

For example, we saw the Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and so on.

After the tour in the bus we exited and walked with the teachers and Richard a while and there we saw the Buckingham Palace and the Queen´s Guard. The Queen wasn’t at home and I was really sad about it.

We had the typical english weather – sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy and always windy and cold.

When the trip was over we became about 2 to 3 hours free time.

It was very cool because I love it to go shopping with my friends. We spend much money there and laughing very much.

About at 8 o clock, we met at a park and then we went together to the bus and drove again 1 and a half hours and we were at 21:30 pm at the bus stop and went to the host family.


I found the day the best of the whole week!!

And it was very funny and I would like to thank Richard for the guide because he did it very well.




Our trip to London

On Sunday morning we started at 7:30 am, quite undeveloped, in Bournemouth and drove to London. Before, of course, we picked up Richard (our guide) at the school. After two congestions, a few breaks and a long way we finally arrived. Together with Richard, we did a very interesting and funny tour of the city past the Trafalgarsqaure, Buckingham Palace, ... At the end of the tour we watched a chanching of the guards at Buckingham Palace. Then we had 4 hours freetime, which of course we used sensibly. We went through the streets of London and found a lot of interesting things, for example a marching band walking through the streets for no apparent reason. Of course we were also in some shops and bought things that are also available in Germany. After a long day in London, which we all liked very much (in the sense again a heartfelt thanks to the teachers and the guide) it was now again to the journey home to the host families. Actually, we should be back in our families at around 9:00 pm, but nothing came of it. Our bus driver was probably something with the bus line overstrained and did not respond to several times, which we had to go out. finally she let us out somewhere in the city and we stood there unaware. Despite rain, cold and late hour, we kept a cool head and found (thanks google maps) back home. Since it was already 10:30 pm pm, we could forget the food of course and we had to go to bed with emty a stomach. All in all it was a nice day.




On Monday morning we stand up at 6.00 o’clock. Then we put us on and got ready for the day (packing bag,…). After that we ate our breakfast. It was cornflakes with milk. Later we went to the bus stop. 8.05 am the bus picked us up. The bus brought us to the Cavendish School of English. There we were divided in classes and toke a lot of pictures. We had four lessons to 12.10 pm. It was ok. For example we did exercises in the workbooks. Then our bus driver Heidi brought us to the Sandbanks beach in Poole. There we went to the beach and went to the water and pulled out our shoes and went with our feet’s in the water. The water was very old but it was very clean. Later we had a bit free time in Poole. 17.30 pm we drove by bus to Laserquest. We had to split us up in two groups (red and blue). We got a vest and a pistol. Then we had to go in a black room and shot up the other team. My team, the red team was the winner. It was so fanny. 18.45pm we drove by bus to the bus stops and went from the bus stops to the host families. There we have dinner and 9.00 pm we went to bed. This was the Monday, a very interesting day.




Monday - our trip to Sandbanks beach

On Monday morning I got up at 7 o’clock and made me ready for school. Because the bus came 8.05 o’clock. For breakfast there were cornflakes, toast, and yummy orange juice. Mostly we had to wait half an hour for the bus. When the bus came then, we went to school for four lessons in the Cavendish School. After school we visited the Sandbanks beach. The Sandbanks beach is very beautiful. There were small waves and the weather was okay, it wasn’t the best because it was very windy and wet. After the beach we had free time in Poole until 5 pm. In this time I was shopping and looked at the city. Poole is a really nice city. I had little time for the city to look at everything but it is a nice city. At 17:30 we drove back to Bournemouth to Laserquest. Laserquest is a real fun game where you have to shoot others. At 18:45 we left Laserquest and the bus drove us home to our host family who were very nice. Monday was really a wonderful day, I will never forget!





The best part of the trip to England was on Tuesday. At 8:30 we all went by bus, it did not take long since we were at the "corfe Castle", it was only a short walk on a small tramp path as we saw the remains of the castle. Afterwards we went about 1 to 2 hours to a beach which consisted only of stones. The sea was endless and you did not see where it stopped. Next we drove to a sort of gorge where a part of ,, Pirates of the Caribbean“ was filmed, from there we went to a small village and had some free time there. Afterwards, we went back to the school and  we had two English lessons before we ended the evening with karaoke.




Day trip to Bath

On Wednesday, 6th of September 2017, the bus picked up my friends and me at the special bus stop.  At this day it was not the bus from Germany. At 7:30o’clock the bus drove the round and the end was at 8.00o’clock.Then we drove to the Cavendish school of England and picket up the guide. The trip went not to Bristol but to Bath. We needed about 3 hours to Bath. The guide told us  special information about Bath. We were in the Royal Victoria Park and at the Circus and in Bath were lots of historic buildings. At last the guide showed us the best tea shop. She finished at 1.00o’clock pm. Then we had free time for 3 hours. Me and my friends went through in the city. Then we bought hot cholates and we were next to the river Avon (the river in the city) at spoke about the German home. At last we ate a Burger. At half past 6 we were at the meeting point and I took a picture from the church of Bath. When we were together, we drove back to Bournemouth. In the evening we went to the host families.  



A trip to Bath

 On Wednesday we went to Bath. Actually we wanted to go to Bristol.

But it was to much road traffic that's why we went to Bath.

Our guide was Jana today. She told us anything about Bath and their sights.

But first we went to other meeting point at the Bath Abby.

Than we went through the town and the sights . For exemple a tea shop.

The tea should be good there. Some students bought tea there for their parents

or their grandparents.

After we had looked at the sights we had free time about 2 hours. The most of us go shopping and got something to eat.

When the time was over we met us at our meeting point. Than we went to the bus. We was at home about 8 o'clock.






England journey (Thursday)


After the breakfast, the host family brought us with our things at 7 o’clock to the school.

There we had again 6 hours lessons.

Our teacher was very funny and we played games to understand the topics, for example “the family” and “England”.

We all become a certification.

After the school, we could choose between free time at the beach, or to have our free time in the town.

At 4 o’clock pm we are going to drive off and the long bus ride begins.

We are driving about 5 to 6 hours to the ferry.

There we had to stay, because someone went badly.

Our ferry started about 11 o’clock pm.

The ferry had rocked quite beautiful and therefore also some were bad.

The rest of the ride was very fast.

About half past 4, we were at home in Neustadt, and our parents pick us up.